Texas Colorado

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Texas, called the "Lone Star State" was the 28th state to join the Union, admitted in 1845.

The name Texas comes from the Spanish pronunciation of a Caddo Indian word meaning "friends" or "allies."

The capital of Texas is Austin, the state flower is the "Bluebonnet", the state motto is "Friendship", and the state song is "Texas, Our Texas".

Texas, "The Lone Star State" covers 267,000 square miles.
Colorado called the "Centennial State," became the 38th state when the U.S. turned 100 in 1876.

The name Colorado comes from a Spanish word meaning "red" or "ruddy," the color of much of the state's terrain.

The capital of Colorado is Denver, the state flower is the "Rocky Mountain Columbine", the state motto is "Nothing Without the Deity", and the state song is "Where the Columbines Grow".

Colorado, "The Centennial State" covers 104,247 square miles.