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Texas Praires and Lakes Region

Attend upcoming events while visiting the Texas Prairies and Lakes Region. This region of Texas brings you exciting cities and pastoral panoramas, historic towns and scenic lakes, exhilarating amusement parks and charming villages.

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About Texas Praires and Lakes Region

"Prairies and Lakes." Does that title really tell the tale? Well, yes-and no. Prairies and Lakes paints merely the pastoral brush strokes in this region's richly textured panorama. The full picture emerges only when you add the dynamic cities, charming communities, and colorful history that enliven this attraction-packed section of Texas.

True, this region that dips south from the Red River through the heart of the state boasts a liberal sprinkling of prairies and farmlands. Yes, it harbors some 50 popular lakes and reservoirs. But it also encompasses the energizing daisy-chain of cities and communities known as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, along with an abundance of other thriving towns and intriguing historical sites as well.

In this distinctive area of Texas, the state's East meets its West, and its North synchronizes with its South. All come together in a lavish tapestry of attractions sites, events, and activities. Major museums, renowned restaurants, exciting amusement parks, and fun events can fill your calendar for a week or a month.

If you seek the art world's masterwork paintings and sculptures, you will find a profusion here. If attending a superb symphony orchestra's performance or a superstar's concert is your heart's desire, you can have that, too, and in settings that amplify your listening pleasure.

Do your trip plans center more on the sports arena? You have but to decide which sport you most want to watch or play. Professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer thrive in the Metroplex, while college sports flourish in several cities throughout the region. NASCAR and Indy-style racing bring their VA-ROOOMM to the Texas Motor Speedway. Golfers-champions and otherwise-tackle numerous challenging courses, such as those at Irving's Las Colinas, while water sports of all types lure you to massive reservoirs and picturesque lakes.

Superb shopping venues abound here as well. Whether you frequent the sophisticated salons of Neiman-Marcus or the grab-bag booths of gigantic flea markets, you might just find the buy of a lifetime.

Something to tempt your tastebuds? How about the savory sausages of Elgin…a delectable creamy cheesecake from Athens…chewy, nut-filled fruit-cakes from Corsicanna, Greenville and Palestine…yummy, yeasty kolaches from Caldwell, Flatonia, and West…and scrumptious Blue Bell ice cream from Brenham? What a feast! The Prairies and Lakes region offers all these treats and so much more.

There you have it.